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Deal Includes: 2 High Quality Electronic Shisha 1 Charging Cable 1 Charging Adaptor 1 Liquid Flavor Bottle How to Use: - Charge it for 1 hour. - To insert the flavour liquid into the glass tube unscrew the smoking tip and pour the liquid into the glass tube holding at tilt until reaching the 1.6ml mark. - Be careful not to spill the Flavor Liquid into the centre white element. - Screw the smoking tip and attach the battery. - The device has an on/off function, click the button 5 times in fast repetition and it will switch it off. To turn it on click the button 5 times again. - In order to smoke you must hold the button and simply inhale and exhale. - At this point you will hear a little hissing sound. Enjoy with your E-Shisha.
Brand: Other
Condition: New
Weight: 0.60 kg

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Product: 2 E-Sheeshas Complete Kit
Price (Rs): Price Rs. 1,499
Category: Mixed
Subcategory: Sheesha, Cigarettes & Lighters
Sell In: All Over Pakistan
Seller Name: Shop Maza
Contact No:.03007222106

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