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333-3300118 , Airline Reservation,Ticketing Training Attock The course is aimed towards the development of personnel in order to meet needs rapidly growing tourism industry. After completion a student will be well-equipped handle the queries and work travel, tour, or any other segment leisure industry.The Air Transportation designed prepare you for academic advancement increase your knowledge area domestic international System. Through this course, you explore history air transportation establishment, business aspect transportation management, U.S. government role global aviation system. This planned as a professional capstone managers, potential managers people who or would like industry, including pilots, maintenance technicians, traffic controllers, 1. Understand airline industry describe its regulatory, economic, structural, competitive characteristics per post deregulation. 2. provide examples technological evolution effects on cost, distribution, pricing. 3. Explain importance economic growth. 4. Describe factors that determine demand. 5. Identify various route structure product alternatives, costs benefits each, and means achieving differentiation. 6. departments each planning, development, and execution flight operations. 7. Demonstrate an understanding management irregular operations, methods of data collection analysis controlling reliability quality service. 8. Appreciate cost structure, nature fixed, variable, controllable costs, and methods employed by low-cost carriers obtain sustainable advantages over traditional carriers.

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